Custom Dyes

  • Sharpie® Designs

    Pros: Using permanent markers (Sharpies®) makes for a much more "artistic" feel to the artwork. It has easy access to more stable colors and a wider variety of details that can be added. They can be very intricate designs!

    Cons: Markers tend to be very superficial. They don't seep into the plastic like dyes do. While it's true that any dye job will probably get a little mauled from taking a tree limb directly, marker artwork will be even more noticeable, and they are more prone to scratches from storage and discs wearing up against the artwork.

  • Stencils and Northman Designs

    Pros: Stencils are nice bold statement pieces. These are the dyes where you want a logo or picture show cased. Black stencils are very bold. We can do custom stencils or we have some pre-made Northman Designs where you can pick your colors.

    Cons: These work best on Premium plastics, but tacky plastics can make them blur over time. This probably won't be as noticeable with areas where two colors touch, but it does happen. Colors are limited by dye mixing, which isn't too limited, but they won't always be a perfect match.

  • Abstract Dyes

    Pros: These dyes will always be 100% unique. You can pick your colors, describe a pattern to be attempted, but these are all random and individually custom dyes that will never end up the same way twice. If you want that unique splatter disc or Picasso look, this is your dye!

    Cons: I suppose if you really like how one comes out, the bummer is while the colors could potentially be the same and follow a similar pattern, but no two dyes will ever be the same!